Paper and lace

These are a few of my favourite things, lately. Especially since discovering the easy way to fix lace to paper, for uses such as the card below (you may recognize if from the tease i posted yesterday). the secret is to coat the lace lightly in white glue first, block it in to shape by pinning the gluey lace to a board (or if you don’t think it through, like me, your desk – which then leaves a gluey mess all over your work surface. oops.) and then letting it dry. Then, when you are ready to attach it to your paper, the lace is stiff and smooth/sealed, and can be glued down easily and securely with just a glue stick. In this way you avoid the whole puddle o’ glue and soggy, floppy lace situation that occurs if you try to fix it directly to paper without any treatment first.

Decoupage marriage felicitation card

Little tricks like this make me feel so very clever.

Oh, here is another of the same design:

la dee da dee da…


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  1. YOU WIN! Looking good baby!

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