Staying the course

After a difficult few days navigating government bureaucracy, I finally managed today to speak to a real live (and helpful) person (in the correct department), to get into an info session next week about a funding program I am going to apply to. Phew. It was a process nearly as exhausting as that sentence is.

But now the ball is rolling! The info session is really just a first step towards the eventual grant application process, but it is exciting nonetheless.  If I am approved for funding this grant would give me access to the resources and support to actually establish myself as a working artisan, help me to create a professional online portfolio/site which I could then use to market myself and my (myriad) skills to potential clients.  It’s not a huge amount of money, but honestly, I am trying to do this same project right now on my own, with NO budget and NO support (besides the unwavering faith and encouragement of my wife and a few great friends, of course), so any amount of economic support is going to go a very, very long way.  Even just to have some external Plan to apply to myself, some other people to be professionally accountable to, would be incredibly positive.  Sometimes this path that I’ve chosen for myself just feels so lonely.

So, here’s to first steps. Whee! And also, a picture of my most excellent foray into gum arabic and enhanced facial hair. All in the service of Halloween, of course!

Unibrows are so Startrek.

One to beam up.


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