Random round-up

Here I am, back from the mini-hiatus from blogland that a trip to Alberta and life in general enforced. But do I ever have pretty things to show for it, yes indeedy. So, I’m going to skip the wordy introduction and get straight to the goods.

This is where I was.

Well, sort of. Mostly I was in downtown Calgary. But on the afternoon my flight left, we took a drive through the Kananaskis valley, in the rocky mountains. So, so, breathtakingly beautiful (like you couldn’t tell). I need to live nearer to here again.

I was away for, yet another, wedding. Which required a card, of course.

Tricky to get a good shot of this one, as my kitty kept trying to help.

He’s such a good kitty.

While away, it was my birthday! I’m now officially in my late 20s. I guess it’s not so bad. My mother made me these placemats.

Aren’t they pretty? I love toile. I also love that the fabric for the coordinating napkins came from a dress I had as a young’un. Thanks, Mom.

I also made some of the dough I received as birthday gifts into more dough. Or rather, batter. For fruitcake!

I know fruitcake has a bit of a bad reputation, but I, personally, freaking love the stuff. I make a nice light version, without molasses or the sickly sweet and chemically treated fruits normally called for, using mostly dried fruits (rather than candied) and citrus peels I candy myself in honey.

It tastes great already. It’s now aging gently wrapped in brandy soaked clothes (!!) in my dark pantry, getting more and more delicious with each passing day! To be savoured in the coming weeks with mugs of mulled wine and good friends…

And speaking of good friends, one of my oldest is having a birthday herself next weekend, so a card got sent off yesterday. A pop-up card!

Yes, that is a giant prawn dancing with a skunk. There is a skantily clad brass band in the back, and of course, psychedelic hologram paper and sparkles galore. What?

Here, you can see the depth better in this picture. My favourite part is her shoes.

Phew! G’night, now!


3 Responses

  1. Rock’n roll’n !! SUPER DUPER I LOVE YOU!

  2. I love you’re new site hon! Also that card is gorgeous. As are the pictures. Have you thought about pictures of your art are also a part of your art? That detail shot of the feet is really evocative. You could put that in a frame. I’m constantly impressed by how good a photographer you are, I don’t know if photographic art is central to your artistic practise, but you really have the talent for it if you wanted it to be!

  3. ahem. *your* new site…

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