First day of work over at looolo went pretty well yesterday – I had quite a nice day of it, sewing, chatting, and listening to great music. Great music! Chatting! Sewing! And getting paid. Cool.

It’s going to be interesting working there. Maybe it’s obvious to point out, but it’s a pretty different sort of work then I do, most of the time. So tidy and geometric and repetitive. Beautiful, really — almost math-like, with all the measuring and precision. I could feel this other side of my brain getting exercise – it’s been a while since I have challenged myself in this way. I think as I become more familiar with the styles it will be really calm, meditative work.

Contrast that frame of mind with the frenzy I feel when I am doing my own work. I’m really kind of sloppy, actually – if you want to be judgmental about it. I’m not exactly careless, it’s just… I care a bit less about the end product, I guess. And freeing myself from the expectation of “perfection” give me so much more room to actually be creative, to play. Being literally at work in such an orderly mental space yesterday really made me appreciate my personal process in a new way.

I really love improvising, I am really stimulated by the feedback loop of spontaneity – the sloppiness in my work is a kind of embedded energy. It’s like in life drawing, all the multitude of lines showing where the artist’s mind has wandered, difficulties they may have had – the image becomes kinetic on another level – not just the movement of the image’s subject, but of the artist’s mind itself. I love that.

I made this flower out of a scrap of organic melton wool that I brought home from work yesterday. I think it’s going to be a broach. Check out that raw, random, felted edge! Love it. The french knots in the centre are salvaged acrylic yarn, which I am currently obsessed with. It’s a colour-changing rainbow yarn. The same yarn also features in the image at right, which I won’t show you a full image of so it won’t spoil the surprise for it’s recipient… But, yes, this is the culprit of last week’s C.I.I. It was so fun to work on – it’s all freehand – just like doodling with thread. Too bad I’m getting addicted to embroidery! My poor little wrist…


4 Responses

  1. You’re gonna learn so much from this job… prolly most of it you won’t be aware of! This is great! So cool and blah blah! Hyper Hug! Love Rikki

  2. Awesome website, Anna! I just dropped into LJ today to discover your link & it’s fantastic and fun! I’ve recently resolved to do much of the same re: giving into and focusing on the careeredness of craft once we’re settled back in Ontario & I’ll be making a bisonbisonbison blog very much along these lines once that resolves itself- so it’s uuber cool to have you on much of the same path. And so: this is me skipping the email in which this perhaps belongs to say “yay!/way to go, anna!”!!

    I hope you & the missus are doing well- it sounds like you must be! 🙂

    Love Kat.

  3. updates please?! Can we see full version of the C.I.I project?!

  4. Anna dear, I am dying for an update! I love your beautiful new blog. XO,


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