Capes, quilts, and tidbits

I’ve been having such a fun last few days, reading and researching about sewing techniques, patterns, and looking at tons of pictures in preparation for a couple of upcoming projects. One of these is the baby blanket I mentioned last post, and the other is a skirt to cloak/caplet refashion I’m doing as a skill trade with my good friend J the masso-kinetherapist. I am so geekily excited about both these projects as they involve a somewhat massive learning curve, which is always fun. I am so into the 3D origami magic that is sewing, and as I’m not using patterns for either of the projects it’s really going to be an exciting trial and error process, with the end result being a total surprise until I get there, hee hee. It feels so great to be bubbling with ideas again – it makes me feel… caffeinated. Sweet.
Since I forgot my digicam at J’s the other day and haven’t picked it up yet, you’ll have to hold tight a couple more days to see pics of the actual materials I’m using, but here are some pics of inspiring images I culled today to work from. The skirt in question is quite fitted, with a bell shaped, flared hem. It’s in a mid-weight grey tweed with a black velvet burnout pattern, quite similar the fabric at right.

My plan is to turn the skirt into something a little like this baby:

Isn’t that peter pan collar cute? Love the red lining.

But, since we have a limited amount of fabric to work with, our version is going to have to be shorter… some kind of less-ugly, more fitted combination of these three below, but with that sweet round peter pan collar, of course! I think it’s going to be super duper uber fabulous!

In the quilt project department, I found a fabulous tutorial on how to do tidy binded mitered corners, which is perhaps much more exciting than it should be, but I feel no shame. Also, here are some gorgeous quilts to admire – I’m doing a similar sort of random colour block pattern as the blue one, but in a bright, primaries-on-white colourway.

And this great post about extreme knitting from NPR has got me dreaming of forming a renegade craft posse to take on ridiculous and amazing collaborative creative endeavours. You know, in my spare time… 😉

Oh! And here, finally, is a pic of the table runner I made for my folks for the holidays…

It took a ridiculously long and enjoyable amount of time to make. I loved watching the yarn change colours as I stitched, the vines creeping into the negative space, almost alive under my fingers, growing and curling so naturally. It was hard to know when to stop! Much like this post. Goodbye, now!


4 Responses

  1. That runner is beaaauuutiful! Is the brown felt? It’s lovely!

    Also: I’m glad that you’re back- I was sad to see this blog sit empty. I’m excited to see your cape! 🙂

  2. Woooo Sooo exciting and cool! Also very happy to see you back. I’ll see about creative caffeine assignments in a bit. I’m half way between moving houses and a bit dishevled.

  3. go capes! does donning a cape make one a superhero? a caper? btw, the runner is gorgeous! and well worth the C.I.I., don’t you think?

  4. So pretty! *swoons*

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