Studio study

I took some photos in my studio yesterday… it occurred to me that i few of the space itself – I am usually preoccupied with documenting the things I am working on. But my time left in this lovely space is limited, so I feel like I’ve been seeing it a bit differently the last few days. The friend who i’ve been renting this space from is moving to a new apartment, so I too am shuffling off to a new place at the end of the month. One that doesn’t have a cosy, gorgeous, sky-light lit, me-sized nook in it.

But I’m not too sad about it. I think the new space will have a certain charm to it in time. It’s on the other side of town, in a neighbourhood I have known in many different ways since living in Montreal, and I look forward to exploring it again in a new way. I am going to be renting a spare room from friends again – it just seems the easiest, and least committal, choice for now. I don’t want to be tackling a year lease right now, and my budget is pretty limited. But I think it will be a good change of pace. The guys I am renting from are super lovely friends, and it will be a neat way of seeing a little more of them. Plus, this mobile I made already hangs in their dining room, and I painted clouds on the ceiling of their bathroom in exchange for a gallon of paint a few months ago… so i feel somehow like there is space for me there already.

That, my friends, is a tea-light chicken. They were found while packing up things from the cupboards in the kitchen. And now they are mine. Thank you, oh random anonymous roommate of the past!

I tried to by mathematical and organized in the planning of my baby quilt, as these sketches can attest to… but it sort of degenerated into a 200-blocks-of-cotton-on-the-studio-floor square dance. Swing your partner! It was pretty fun actually, don’t worry.

So the top is done! All that remains now is um… all the quilting. Roight… I called my mother to get tips, as she is the sort of local expert in quilting and usually full of sage advice, and she talked me through the process. I admit to being a little daunted. But isn’t it pretty just hanging there, all limp and batting-less?

This is a vest that I made yesterday, out of a very large sweatshirt I scored at a clothing swap in the fall. The sweatshirt itself was a hideous misshapen blob, but that embroidery! Ohhh. Those birds are the sort of thing i might get tattooed on my body if I ever was a bored sailor on leave.

I can’t remember where I read this… it was several years ago at least, but it’s a pretty reliable go-to quote, regardless of the circumstances. The wings are clipped out of a journal I found in the trash last summer.

The paradox is that under conditions of uncertainty one has to make choices, and then endeavor actively to make these choices happen, rather than leave things alone in the hope that they will arrange themselves for the best.


3 Responses

  1. words to live by…

  2. Yay, lots of pictures! You have a lovely studio- but I can imagine it being exciting to get to move into another; new spaces are exciting!

    Also: your quilt is very pretty. I’ve intended to make so many quilts, but I never get past cutting and laying out the squares- that’s the fun part, after that it just becomes so daunting/potentially mind-numbing to sew them all together. You might be on to something- maybe starting baby-size is the key!

    I hope you keep blogging; I enjoy it very much. 🙂

  3. Yeaahhh nice update. I could kill you for those birds on your vest. Pretty sweet. It’s all very lovely! Love and Kisses MRS!

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