It was so very cold today, and with nothing else in particular to do, I thought I’d go and nest at the new studio. I thought I’d unpack things today, but honestly, I haven’t anything to unpack into or onto. My old space had a big closet, that was great for storage. This new room has a huge closet, actually, but it is full of my friends’ things and I told them they could keep using it. I had intended to mount some shelves on the walls to hold my goodies, but now I don’t know… I feel a bit shy and awkward, unexpectedly, in their home. It’s not even that I want to put things “away”, per se – I do so much better with being able to see and be inspired by my materials, I don’t want to have things out of sight. I just want to establish some kind of order. Right now it’s just boxes on the floor, and I feel trapped and arrested in the clutter. Of course it’s understandable that there are getting-used-to-each-other intimacies to overcome and negotiate before I will feel at home here. I just can’t help but anticipate a few weeks from now when all this is settled into its rhythm and feels like a positive, creative space.

At least there is lots of light. Warm, spring-promising sunlight. Spring is coming, soon, isn’t it? I’m pretty ready. I’m tired of the snow. So very tired. The lengthening days are for sure buoying my spirit, but are also kind of the worst tease ever.

It was neat to have a sky light in my last place, but these big tall windows face south east. My plants are already doing better (even after half of them getting frozen during the move). I’m not totally sure about the caramel orange colour of the walls in here, but they sort of match my sweater, don’t you think?
It still needs some pockets on the front, and a binding along the bottom hem to keep it from warbling as you see in this picture, but i’ve been wearing it anyway. It is too warm to resist. This is what happens when you make something from a blanket, i suppose.

Anyway, sushi is here now, and therefore I must away to eat it.

I cut my own set of keys today – that is something, at least.


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  1. That last photo is fantastic and your new studio looks lovely- I hope you two settle in well together soon. 🙂

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