Tiny human thing

I got introduced to a very special little mister yesterday…

Oh, baby; you are so small and squiggy and soft and sleepy and perfect. Holding him sort of struck fear in my heart. Fear and longing. Oh, dear.

My first quilt!

Flannel back…

Ohh, nice mitered corners.

I’m pretty proud of my effort and happy that it was well received – but, as I told the little tyke’s parents, what I made is not nearly as neat as what they made.

And now for a complete non sequitur,

We discovered the deliciousness that is goat yogurt yesterday. OMG. All other yogurts bow down before its rich creamy pong. Featured here with homeade applesauce and mixed grain cooked cereal… a great way to start the day. Which I will now do. Bye for now!


3 Responses

  1. That is one lovely baby boy.

    And a fantastic looking quilt. I think I want to tackle one as my next project when I get home…

  2. oh wow on all accounts!

  3. I could go for a bowl of that right now.
    Your blog is enchanting.That sounds a bit weird now I look at it.I mean,through this ‘interweb window’ your creative spirit is beautiful.
    Oh,and nice mitered corners 🙂

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