Kind words

Balance. Where are you? Always elusive – and the teeter-tottering from one extreme to the other continues. After the past few days of dry, sunny, warm, above zero temperatures, I made the mistake of letting myself believe spring was on her way… only to wake up this morning again to a white and crusty and blustery world. Crap. This is the longest, coldest winter I’ve known in my little life so far, being as I am from the lovely and temperate west coast. So funny that I now consider merely above zero to be warm.

The other thing that greeted me this morning was word from my external-boss (to differentiate from my internal-boss, which is to say, moi) that she has very little work for me to do in this interminable grey season, and how do I feel about working just one day a week until things (hopefully) pick up?

My heart is sinking with the mercury. Of course it would be murphy’s law that no sooner do I allow myself to finally rejoice at my good fortune of finding some paying, regular work, that it would fitz out on me. I don’t want to be so jaded about being a creative worker. It’s just disappointing, is all.

It is a slow time of year for all businesses, I know. And surely the work will pick up again, right? It’s just in the meantime…

I am so grateful and humbled to have a partner who’s faith in me and support of my choice of career path has been unerring, through all the twists and turns. And who has a steady, albeit limited, income. It is a very helpful complement to my own inconsistencies. I do have many projects of my own to keep my busy, and will pick up more of the household chores in the balance of my partner being the almost-sole breadwinner for a bit, and we have definitely been through enough slim times together already to be really quite adept at belt-tightening measures. I am doing my best to turn on my positive spirit in faith that all will be well in the end. All the while keeping one eye on all my favourite job-posting haunts. Just in case.

Anyway, I’ve been looking into again, after they’ve been warming the back burner for ages. It seems to offer the possibility of some constancy in my work; even if sales were only intermittent, at least it would be something to work on that would always be in my hands, something to hold me over in these periods of wane. The one major obstacle I’m having is some misgivings about using paypal, and it seems to be the only really viable options for receiving payments. I’ve read some things that seems to suggest the company is more or less out to steal sellers money – whereas many other people, especially on etsy, rely on it daily and are happy with their service. Account freezes, missing payments, hidden fees – these things make me nervous. Apparently there is a debit card you can get linked to paypal, which sounds like a good idea (no need to transfer funds to a bank account to use them)… i just wish i had more information. The paypal site itself, of course, makes their service sound like the best thing for entrepreneurs since the Internet. Anyone reading this have any tips?

So, then, zoom on through the rest of my day spent combing the net for help and/or reading countless craft and design blogs, trying to jar myself into action… and stop where I receive another email. This time it’s a bounce from wordpress, a kindly comment on my last post, from one hither unknown to me mantecanaut. Dear readers, please know: I am always so pleased and grateful to receive your comments. I love the little reminder that there is anyone else reading and viewing this – it really tickles me and affirms that it is worthwhile endeavor, and they often give my faith in myself that little shake that it needs to sputter back to life. But it feels truly extra special to have someone who is not already near and dear to my heart take the time to send me words of encouragement. Especially today. I really needed that. Thank you.

And, oh – I did find some great pieces to store my treasures in at the studio. There is a fabulous warehouse place in St. Henri near my studio, chock full of old furniture and used goods. My kind of place.

The duo set me back a reasonable 25$. The armoire is old, solid pine, painted a cheeky primary yellow and bright green, and the inside doors are graced with some child’s lovely sparkly sticker collection. I might one day strip and refinish it, but for now I’m rather fond of the combo. And, well, the blue cubby-holes flash me right back to preschool, which I don’t think could be more appropriate for freeplay, eh?


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  1. Your blog is lovely and inspiring – first time I’ve seen it as i happened upon threadbangers today and they linked to you. It encourages me endlessly to see artsy-craftsy people making a go of it. I LOOOOOOVED your Klimt-y pysanky (where did I put my old pysanky tool???), as well as all your crafts and yummy looking food photos, too. I’ll look forward to checking back!

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