I ran across an interesting article on copyleft over at whipup.net today… I like the idea – an alternative to copyright that gives guidelines and standards to permit the use of ideas, rather than restrict it. I like the idea that an artist or creator could both protect their creative work and make a living and participate actively in the sharing of information and ideas that is at the center of art making regardless of discipline. When I think about it, it just makes sense, creatively speaking. That act of clamping down on an idea, that regulation of it, even the very act of protecting, to me, seems counter-creative, like, that’s how you kill ideas.

I like, too, that just in the wording of it, in the dichotomy of left and right, copyleft encourages an inherently political discourse around the often corporate and conservative issue of property and ownership. Like, as much as we think it’s ‘normal’, property ownership is I think lies at the center of almost all inequities and injustices in the world. It also challenges the naturalized position that often copyright takes (like it is the only option) in a way that can be taken seriously, rather than seeming like some silly notion that the hippies dreamed up…

In other news… I filed my income taxes today. Hooray! The one thing there is to say about being of a low income and the spring often being a thin season, is that I am always entitled to to a tax return, and it inevitably comes in the mail just when I need it.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the ridiculous snowstorm we had a couple days ago? It’s a bit unbelievable. I’ve been experiencing near-maniacal levels of schadenfreude over all the poor car-owning shmucks folks on my street, spending hours and hours shovelling out, only to have the snowplow wall them in again, hee hee, suckers it must be so irritating.

At least the sun is shining her blessed face nearly every day, and for an extra hour now in the evening… makes a west-coast girl not even mind so much the half metre of white stuff.

Although getting around has been a little tricky.


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  1. The copyleft idea is interesting.Instinctively I like it.Reminds me of the idea behind open source software, the notion of a homogenous ‘conversation’ of ideas that grow and inter-develop.Sorry to proselytise,but if you’re using microsoft,check out Linux.Maybe it’s just my inner hippy talking…

  2. Anna,

    I just noticed a link to your blog while wasting time, snooping on Facebook, and spent a few minutes reading some recent posts. I’m so happy to have a new blog to add to my list of regulars, and a window into an old friend’s life!

    I have a blog too: http://pisaster.blogspot.com/ I constantly feel that everyone else’s blog is more interesting and witty than mine, but I enjoy keeping it anyway.


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