A week in pictures

Welcome to my new favourite kind of post – lots of pictures, light on writing, it’s fun for everyone! Oui? Oui! On to it then: This week i’ve been…

…reconstructing – a slim fitted knit shell gains tailored sleeves and collar from a salvaged men’s button down shirt, trimmed to a cute 3/4 length, contrasting cuffs added, and I am up one spring blouse. Yes.

… organizing bits and peices of salvaged electronics. I think some of this might become jewellery if I ever get inspired to make some again. ( I especially like those little lightbulb wires…)

… cursing the snow that continues, continues, continues to fall. Do you SEE how big those flakes are?! It’s disgusting.

… receiving a lovely, thoughtful, and delicious care package from my folks, who take pity on me because of said disgusting weather, complete with homeade blackberry jam (3 jars, hooray!), dark chocolate, smoked salmon jerky, a beautiful table cloth, cheery bright egg-shaped candles, and a whole bunch of bulbs to force!

… potted up, day one.

… day four, holy smokes! (as you can see, they survived the journey in peak form, mom. thanks again super much.)

[insert: gratuitous kitty picture] (he smelled the smoked salmon)

Oh, where were we? Right, right, ok… This week i also…

… visited again with little mister quilt recipient, who i swear it twice as big as last time we saw him. (twice as cute, too).

… enjoyed the bright yellow of this here BEET. Yes, you better beetlieve it.

… had a fabulous time making pysanky with the gang on friday night…

(pysanky being, of course, the ancient Ukrainan art of egg dyeing, using a wax-resist technique)

(these be my klimt-y egg, and pseudo danish modern egg)

… and dyeing silk worm cocoons with the leftover egg dyes. And arranging them in a colour wheel. Hmmm, pretties…

This week I also worked on a special top secret project for a very special lass, who is getting very old this week… but for pictures of this you’ll just have to hold your horses, because we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise now, would we? Hope you all had a lovely long weekend…!


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  1. Awsome! I ❤ picture posts!

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