Week(s) in pictures (finally!)

Hello, here I am again. It’s been a magical last couple of weeks – in the sense that it’s some sort of magic that they’ve gone so quickly. Happy first day of June!?! In between packing boxes and the whirlwind of social visits, i’ve been:

In a magazine! Dwell Magazine, June 2008 issue. This month’s ‘process’ article shows me and my boss at Looolo, making pillows. I look like i’m concentrating very hard in each photo. But that’s okay. You can read the full text on my flickr site if you are curious – just click on the photos to enlarge to full size.

Gardening a lot, considering I don’t have a garden. But friends of mine have a community garden plot, which I am coveting, muchly, where I spent last weekend puttering. It is a beautiful place and concept – especially great is how much the members of the garden share knowledge and labour, helping each other out, experienced gardeners answering the young’uns questions, everybody sharing extra seedlings… it’s a really neat place. Also amazing is how lush the garden is this time of year – you can’t especially tell from this photo, but that crack in the concrete there is teeming with chives, parsley, dill and lettuce seedlings, that all self-sowed. Every tiny space is overflowing with life. It’s quite inspiring.

making lots of rhubarb crisps! i’m so happy to have local fruit around again. I’m beside myself with anticipation of the local strawberries, oh my!

Making jewelery again… Both the bracelet below and the brooches above are reincarnations from that vintage stash I inherited a few months back. Theses rhinestone brooches were shoe buckles – I removed the hinge on the back and soldered on pins. (the flower shaped one is just a button strung on a safety pin – cheating.)

These beads used to be strung as a necklace – I split them into three strands and made a new clasp, which is sterling silver wire that I shaped and hammered. I think it looks a bit Scandinavian. (the clasp, not the shiny shiny iridescent beads, ha.)

making a new journal for myself, out of reclaimed letterhead and other salvaged papers that i’d been hoarding for quite a while. I’m pretty happy with how it worked out as a first effort. I had fun making the cover: it’s just a piece of reclaimed cardstock with crayon and acrylic paint , but the crayons resist the water-based paint, emerging through it to become the foreground detail. I’m sure you’ve all done that in pre-school or artclass sometime with tempera paint, it was a fun technique to revisit.

designing tags for my wares – this is just a sneak peak. more pics to follow shortly!

Been giving a few haircuts again… here is my friend R, post trim, being a ham. It’s been fun to be working the scissors again after many months of no clients… I guess not too many people get new hairstyles during the long, cold winter? That’s my theory.

And, last but not least, kitty also got a haircut for the summer yesterday – his coat is just too long for the hot humid summers here.

By the magic of photoshop, here he is side-by-side with himself, before and after. He is so little now. I just want to squish him.

Now, my dear readers, I would like to inform you in advance and apologize for my impending intermittent presence in the blog-o-sphere for the next coming weeks and months – I just don’t see myself having the hours and hours of time I’d like to spend here with you until all the moving business is in the past. So this is me, wishing you a lovely drift into summer. Looking forward to a great many, juicy, photo-filled posts on my return. Until then,




3 Responses

  1. I seriously thought the shorn cat was a stuffed animal that perhaps someone had given you because it looks so much like you actual living cat. Amazing!

  2. I thought bird was a stuffed toy, too. Ha.

    Your magazine spot is pretty cool and your new journal is lovely. Happy moving A (and C)!

  3. seriously, i can’t wait to rub my face all over that effing cat. also, that rubarb crisp looks totally amazing… i have to get involved in my garden!!!

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