My summer vacation, part 1

Hallo! Here I am, thought I’d pop in for a little show and tell time. How’ve you been? Life here is good. Leaving montreal was hard – chaotic, but also sort of lovely, as all the good friends we made in the three years we lived there rallied around us to raise a glass (or several) in happy farewell and help pack us on our way. I know we’ll be back to visit often.

Since then we’ve been travelling around southern Ontario, visiting a lot of lovely people. Last week was spent in the lovely and serene Massasauga park, on spider lake, in a canoe, camping in this stunning landscape:

There was lots of swimming.

It is a beautiful place. I’ve been once before this trip a couple years ago, but we were at such a secluded site this time, we could have been the only people on earth. It was a much needed quiet time to consider all the beauty in the world. Such an inspiring place.

Yes, that is a swimming rattlesnake (i think). There were so many more stunning flora and fauna then I could have photographed. Check out these amazing, delicate, ghost-like, flowering fungi!

…I mean, woah!

Before the canoe trip, we spent some time early in the month apartment hunting – and found a great little place in Kensington for september. It’s a sort of hippy, artsy, market neighbourhood, where I’ve visited before and only vaguely daydreamed of ever living. It might be a bit too trendy in the end, but the energy there is fun and vibrant, I think it will be a good toe-hold.

Street scrabble in Kensington. It bodes well.

Else wise, I’ve been enjoying the sub-urban life of barbeque, bike rides around the culdesacs, beers and conversation, and general lazing about on the deck of my mother in law’s home in southern Ontario. With pies.

Always lots of pies.

It’s a hard habit to break, though, that notion that I should be working, at all times, and that this vacation time is really just a bunch of lolly-gagging about. I mean, not having a set-in-stone position waiting for me when this rest time is over changes the tone of it somewhat. For any one who lives contract to contract or job to job, time not working starts to feel like unemployment pretty quickly. It’s been difficult to be a disconnected and scattered from my own personal work space and tools and materials, and the internet connection here has been spotty. Worse, though, was forgetting a large box in montreal containing essential camera and laptop gadgetry that has made downloading and editing photos a, uhm, chore. Sigh. But here we are, having patched together a temporary solution until said box can be recovered, approximately one bazillion photos for your viewing pleasure!

Little shoe earrings. For my sister-in-law’s birthday. The clog charms are milky vintage glass, with hand-hammered hooks and wire-work in sterling silver.

This is a crocheted cotton orb, inspired by resurrection fern, whose is amazing and beautiful lit from the inside. It’s worked in the round, around a balloon, then coated with polyurethane. When dry, pop and extract the balloon. Isn’t it neat? I can’t wait for it to be dark outside to see mine lit for the first time. I want to make an enormous one now. And then I want a gorgeous lush back yard garden to hang it in. Ok? Thank you.

I whipped up this light kimono-esque robe to cover my modesty, now that I am sharing a bathroom with other than my spouse. And to frolic in the yard in. I mean, of course.

The main material (red) came from an old bedsheet that was ripped beyond usefulness on a bed. The binding is a beautiful paisley (that I have been portioning out only to truly deserving projects) that formerly was a clothes-swapped skirt.

There are no shoulder seams – the back is all one piece, arms and all. It fits a little strangely, honestly, but I was looking for a quick sew, and really, how well does a robe need to fit, anyway? I wonder how one is supposed to fit a kimono. I may rework the pattern and make a second one, someday. I made a sash, too, not shown here, that helps somewhat with the shaping, but it interferes with the nifty button closure…

Oh, I do love a good paisley…! I am my mother’s daughter.

And here is the new tote I made for my partner’s birthday. It’s upcycled out of her old coat, a fine-waled corduroy, and lined with fabric cut from a men’s button down.

Lots of pockets to hold important collegiate documents. Very serious. I am particularly fond of the riveted buckle strap. Rivets are my new favourite notion. Expect to see more of them.

And a bit of a non sequitur here, a delicious seasonal salad of steamed, sweet new potatoes, asparagus, strawberries, and fresh dill, with sauteed onions and tofu, in a creamy curry/yogurt/grainy mustard dressing. It was astoundingly good. Please try it yourself!

And now it’s time to go again. Thanks for reading, and I hope that you are having as lovely a summer as I am. See you in a few weeks for Part 2.


2 Responses

  1. is that my old blue shirt as the lining!?!? if yes: SWEET!

  2. PS i’m so into that crocheted balloon lamp shade! jordan and mikael and dan and ryan made fun of me plus plus for having a naked bulb in my apartment, so maybe that’s the ticket to a home-made remedy!

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