Artists don’t get down to work until

the pain of working is exceeded

by the pain of not working.

-Stephen DeStaebler

commissions patiently waiting for attention

It’s been a bit of a slow moving couple weeks here. I don’t know I’ve just been caught in the gears of the changing seasons and haven’t caught my balance yet, or what. I’ve been laid up with a cold, sure, but also just generally feeling unreasonably sorry for myself and uninspired. Despite a full list of things to do and projects to work on, and having started up finally at Wildhagen, that lovely lila feeling has been elusive. Just feeling a bit mechanical, I guess.

So it was nice to go walking in the Royal Botanical Gardens outside Hamilton yesterday, with C and my newly-senior mother-in-law. How can anyone feel blue in such sun and colour?

holding out

I spent much of the time trailing behind, trying to capture that glowy-ness. Wishing I was better at photography.

Through my procrastination, I did make a few things. Some goblin fingers and eyeballs, for one.

Gross, eh? Heheh. They’re gingerbread cookies and lychees, of course. I made them for the Halloween costume Ladies Sewing Circle and Revolutionary Society meeting last Thursday. My new blog friend Girlnumbertwenty came, and I felt a little bit shy. She made excellent wings for her daughter, who is being a T-Rex dressed as a fairy for Halloween (so awesome). I made a mask to hide in.

And me without even a party to go to this year. Maybe I’ll make C go out for dinner with me in crazy masks.

And this little red bird joined me, inspired by a flock of swallows that my friend Rikki made. It’s print cotton fabric that I made into a sticker sort of thing, with this doubled sided tape sheet stuff I have. (I’m not even sure what it is – it’s some discontinued product I inherited from the art store I used to work at in Montreal, there is no label on the package… Great stuff though. Very sticky, great for paper collage or mixed media, and sticks fabric to fabric very well.)

The dandelion puff card is from the erstwhile Waltz, Matilda (now Thistledownandfinch, just as lovely) who just wrote a neat article for the Storque about the cute upcycled bags and wallets she makes. You should go read it. That Katrina, she’s a crafty one. I was going to say how lovely her new Louisa bag is, and that one of you who has a disposable income should really just go and give it a happy home, but someone evidently already has! Goodness, that was fast. Nice work, Kat!

I have to say that it makes me so vicariously pleased for her to see her pieces sell… and also just the teeniest bit envious and/or like a shmo for not having opened my own shop on etsy yet. It seems like all the creative bloggers that I read have online shops of some kind or another. Why not me? I have such a horribly long project-gestation period. I suppose it’s just that I have this admittedly unreasonable, and yet unshakable, expectation of myself that I will be able to do something perfectly the first time. Like, maybe if i sit here and stew about it long enough, i will birth the perfect solution without ever taking any risks or making any mistakes. Right.

Eisenia foetida, leaves, felted wool eggs

And then there is this guy, the second worm I’ve been commissioned to make, this time for these people. Two worm sculptures? Really? I think the universe is encouraging me to not take my career too seriously. I should probably listen carefully to that.

I think this one is even better than the first. It’s a little bit smaller. Cuter somehow.

worms are blind

Of course the specs help with the cuteness factor.


4 Responses

  1. haha, are those the chocolate rocks from laura/dan’s reception in the fingers? awesome. totally awesome.

  2. Your RBG photos are lovely- it looks like it was such a nice/glowy walk!

    And: look at all those links I have, holy cow! Thanks, Anna! (And there will be more Louisas; I like her!) 🙂

  3. whoooooaaaaa hooooowwwaaaa!!! That’s my biggest rout’n tooot’n holla for ya baby!

    I KNOW you KNOW this stuff – when you are feeling “unreasonably sorry for [your]self and uninspired” stand up straight as an arrow and start think of all the things you have to feel “unreasonably GRATEFUL and HAPPY for yourself and INspired” All those things will come to you so fast you’ll probably freak out 🙂 In a good way!

    I feel sooo f’ing happy for all your successes. It’s just a matter of time and you know it! I love all of your work you’ve posted. Those pictures and shoot, those cookies?!? Awsome! love you too much!!!

    Rikki *cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer hug hug hug hug hug*

  4. good grief, and i was a little nervous/shy! it was a lovely night, wasn’t it?! i love your pictures up there, especially that sunny one of the commissions waiting…

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