Happy blogiversary to me!

Wow, it’s been one whole year today that I’ve been writing this here little blog. I’m so happy that I am still at it. It started out a bit rocky, but I think I’ve got the swing of it now!

To celebrate my blogiversary and to thank you all for dropping by, reading, replying, and generally being very nice to me, I would like to treat one of you lovely folks to a little surprise present, handmade by myself of course! I’m not exactly sure what it will be yet, but I promise it will be special and fun and unique.

So, if you would like to be entered in my anniversary raffle, please leave a comment on this post. Tell me what you like about freeplaycraft or what you would like to see more of, or something that made you smile today! I will even give you a whole week to get your comment in before I randomly select one lucky winner next friday, October 31st (halloween!). Don’t be shy if you’ve never left a comment before, everyone is welcome to participate. And I will be happy to ship anywhere so don’t let that stop you either!

I’m also going to try out a little exercise here inspired by a great long conversation I had with my best bud Rikki tonight, which is to celebrate my accomplishments by making a little list here of the things I have done in the last year that I am proud of. I have a tendency, that I think is pretty common, to only see my “deficiencies” rather than my successes, to only see the work that still needs to still be done rather than recognize and praise myself for the good work I have achieved. It is a hard habit to get over, but here goes…

1. I have kept up my portfolio on flickr and have added lots of new work to it, and feel really happy with that record of my work

2. I have been doing some volunteering with organizations that I think do good work

3. I’ve gotten involved with the theater again and applied some of my design skills to the stage, after dreaming about doing that for many years (I have comps to go see the play tonight and see my props in action, yay!)

4. I have found work with a design company that I respect and enjoy, and have found a way of making a (so far scant, but still!) living from the skills that I have, doing work that I enjoy

5. I have prioritized creativity in my life, and made time and space to honouring that pursuit, and I feel richer and clearer for it

6. I have had some success bartering, and created valuable and meaningful networks this way

7. I have vastly improved my sewing and design skills

8. I am doing freelance design work and actually making a go of it!

9. I have worked on improving my confidence and out-goingness, and it’s working!

10. I’ve started up a craft group, and it seems to be going well!

11. I’ve had photos of my work published in three different magazines!

11. I have stuck with my goal of keeping this blog, and it has blossomed and grown and delights me so!

Really, I think a lot of the things on this list that I am proud of either directly or indirectly are due to the practice of writing this blog. It keeps me focused and centered and energized, and your feedback and replies keep me going when things get rough around the edges. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to explore all these thoughts and have you read and listen and care. Seriously. It’s really nice.



Thank you for being a part of it.




11 Responses

  1. Well, Anna, I’m still a little shocked that it’s only been a year that this blog has been underway. I suppose it’s because I’ve had the pleasure of watching you develop as a creative presence and as a person for so much longer. It’s great, though… I really enjoyed the blog when we were living in montreal because it gave me a new perspective on my own life in little ways, and gave me insight to the amazing things that you were doing and thinking when we weren’t busy making dinners and playing catan. i really enjoy the blog now that you’re in toronto because it keeps me connected to you in such SUCH such a beautful way. i really enjoy your blog in general because of how beautifully you write, because of how amazing you’ve become as a photographer (and photoshopper!), because of how skilled you have become and are becoming as an artist, and because of the passion for life that exudes from every entry.

    la la la love nathan

  2. Oh I second everything Nathan said. I love the blog and the blogger behind it. I feel like it gives me a great connection to you on a emotional and creative scale. The enjoy the photographs of your creative works best! I just can wait to see more! Outstanding work Anna! I am very proud of your amazing GROWTH! It’s so exciting to see all the adventures you have ahead of you!! Weeehahahahaha!!! Happy bloGIVErsary my love!

  3. Today I saw muddy racoon paw prints on the side of my compost bin and it made me smile!

    Happy blogiversary. I still miss you on LJ but I read the feed.

  4. Anna – I love seeing all your creative projects on your blog and reading about your insights into life! It’s really inspiring to see how you can transform old things into new things and create other things from nothing. We haven’t hardly talked in years but I’m a fan for sure! Keep it up!

  5. i love that list. it’s something to aspire to, i think…
    yours is such a rich place to visit – i keep having to reread things to get every morsel…

  6. i really appreciate being able to read another side of you here. you write well about your art-heart-mind, and it gives me a good long chew. you’re so honest with your art, and it feels really good to see you coming home to yourself in that.
    so, thanks!

    p.s. if i win the draw, i will gracefully decline the prize because i get to see your pretty things every day. 🙂

  7. […] obsession + melton wool felt scraps from work = Part 1 of what I have made as the prize for my little anniversary raffle! A little concrete visual stimulus in case you’ve been feeling shy and needed a little […]

  8. I just saw the concrete visual stimuli and decided I had to comment. I’ve been following you in my RSS reader… Elizabeth and I will be in Peterborough/Toronto on Sunday the 23rd of November: maybe we could see you at her show or during the day…

  9. i enter and appreciate your artsy inspiration!

  10. […] I used the random integer generator at random.org to select the winner of my little raffle… Lucky number 8, Eric – come on down! You’re the […]

  11. This post got me to start designing again. I’m not sure I can express how much this means to me. Thank you so much.


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