week in pictures

hello! where did that week go, i wonder. I’ve been at Wildhagen full time the past bit as they’ve been getting ready for the Circle Craft show in Vancouver this week. If you’re around that side of the country, go check it out! It’s at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, Tuesday 11th (tomorrow!) until Sunday the 16th. Over 266 Canadian artisans with goods ranging from clothing to glasswork to gourmet foodstuffs… should be great. If you did pop by Wildhagen’s booth, #233, you’d see some of the hats I’ve been working on for them lately – these lovely chickadee embroideries. Pretty, huh?

In between working, I:

…had a lovely evening of chocolate and scrabble and craft talk with girl number twenty! [And finished the alterations on that gorgeous vintage print gown in the background. Well done, self.]

… made some awesome autumnal meals, including the above: Walnut-crusted baked squash, caramelized onions and mushrooms, sauteed arugula & spinach with lotsa garlic, over spelt linguine, with lots of parmesan. Wow, was that ever good.

… discovered that squash seeds in the compost will in fact grow, very vigorously.

… was inspired by said squash sprouts to assault my studio wall with a sprawling mural. Where will it stop??

… dyed the recycled denim coat I made for C in the summer [it emerged from her suitcase a few weeks back with a mysterious shiraz stain dead-centre and back of the garment… oh dear…]

… was gifted this wonderful hat I had been coveting by my employer as a thank you for all my hard work lately. It is a perfect shade of windy-ocean/slate/storm cloud blue-grey, with a silver pin stripe and chartreuse accent, with linen contrast under the brim. I love it so.

… made this new stamp to send along with the raffle prize. Should be there today, I expect Eric!

And, guess what? The article I submitted to whipup about the worm i made back in september is going up on tomorrow! So thanks, whipup!

Hey, and thank you, too. I hope you have a lovely week.




3 Responses

  1. What did you make your stamp with? I liiikkkeee it!

  2. Just had to say – loved the worm! Saw it on WhipUp . . .

  3. That IS a beautiful vintage gown, wow! It looks great in your studio, maybe I should never take it home.

    Can you share the recipe for that pasta dish? Yum.

    Congrats again on the worms, they deserve all the attention they get.

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