Once apon a worm!

My wormy story is up on now up on whip up if you haven’t seen it yet!

*grinning ear to ear*

Warm welcome and hello to all you whip-uppers who are reading for the first time! Please feel free to look around and make yourself comfortable.




9 Responses

  1. too cool Anna, congrats

    I LIKE you worms much more than theirs.


  2. Congratz Anna

  3. Congrats on the coverage in Whip Up. That’s a great demonstration tool for http://cathyscomposters.com/ and a good push for home composting and worm bins. The more composting, reusing and recycling we can promote the better we will all be!

    I’m the owner of findings and bead supplier, Rings & Things, out in Spokane WA USA. (http://www.rings-things.com) I’ve considered a worm bin in our break room for years but end up just taking collected food scraps home to feed my backyard compost piles. Our business reuses and recycles as much as we can. We’d encourage all business, large and small, to make reducing waste and recycling reusable materials a daily part of business.

    Thanks for your contributions to this effort!

  4. Awesome, Anna! Yay to published articles!

  5. I like worms. I like Toronto. I think I’m going to like your blog….

  6. I saw your worm work on Whip Up! It’s my favorite Whip Up post ever, and I’m enjoying reading your blog. Rock on.

  7. we love worms too and yours is the best 🙂

  8. Your worm puppet is too cool ! Kids will really be able to relate to a beautifil soft striped worm – with eggs.

  9. Look at you go. I am SO SO proud of you, Anna bird! I love that worm a lot. Every time I see a new post here it makes me so happy.

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