Silly Hat Party

This past friday we had some people over to celebrate my impending birthday by wearing silly hats.

I made and wore the following:

It was a really fun night. The hats were indeed silly. We had a craft area where people embellished their chapeaux all evening, and that is how my seagull hat ended up wearing a hat of its own. And the dangling fish. And then I made a little paper party hat for my hat’s hat, but I have no photographic evidence of this… πŸ™‚

Here he is sans hat(s):

It was a very fun sculptural project! I used scraps of wool melton from the production process at Wildhagen. Obviously I have been somewhat influenced by working at a hat shop! Got hats on the brain. (Literally. haha.)

Mr. Seagull’s good friend from montreal was in town this weekend too.

We went out for diner breakfast, and burritos, and pie (all on the same day!), and it was lovely to see him.

Now that the party is over and all the friends have left again, Mr. Seagull is a bit sad.

He sat and looked out the window today at the snow falling and missed the ocean.


8 Responses

  1. i got a picture of your silly hat’s hat’s hat!

    i think you’re busy working on your silly hat’s fish. or maybe your silly hat’s fish’s hat, which ended up living on your finger instead.

    what a silly hat party πŸ˜›

  2. Your Seagull is rad! Talk to you soon! I got some stamp carving tools and carved some stamps. woohoo a new craft! This is fun!

  3. Love the seagull/hat!! What a clever lass…

  4. the hat is amazing! how much fun. i love the pictures of the leaves as well!

  5. haha, my mom loved your hat tooooo

  6. And somehow the seagull looks perfect on your head. Which seems silly, but is true. Nicely done!

  7. omg that is sooooo awesome. Happiest birthday to you! and thanks for popping in over at my blog. xo.

  8. Hi Anna Seagull looking out of window at snow…..lovely image. I have been like that seagull….in Toronto….in November! Some of my kids still are. I’ve tagged you for a meme. First time doing this and am finding it rather fun.

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