Snow day

A day off to finally be in my studio again, snow falling outside, little house swallows pecking at the seed on my window sill.

swallow, and decoy

swallow, and decoy

I’ve been totally absorbed in Wildhagen lately, or at least totally physically absorbed. There is a large part of myself that gets left out when I’m spending all my waking hours on someone else’s project, even when that project is really great, even when that person is also great. I’ve been missing myself.

And a quick peak at all my favourite bloggers shows this frenzy of pre-holiday activity, building towards an awesome explosion of craftiness, giving me feelings of blog and craft inadequacy…! some very lovely things happening out there. and in here, too, i admit, but my camera too has been neglected of late so I only have a few teasers to show you.

wool circles

wool circles

cotton, silk, wool

cotton, silk, wool

dear self,

it’s unlikely that you will ever be called a steadfast, punctual, or predictable person. It would probably be a lot kinder – and effective – if you just got over it and stopped comparing yourself to that standard. Boring women have immaculate homes studios.




also, cabbage rolls:

with beluga lentil and black rice stuffing

with beluga lentil and black rice stuffing

and art for art’s sake:



This concludes your random update for the day. Happy December until next time!


2 Responses

  1. Oh nice to see you back!!! Ooo and you’re coming to Victoria soon!!!

  2. Hey there, i was wondering if you do commissions?


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