Oh, hello.

Since I saw you last, I made this mobile.

It is wax paper circles, coloured with melted shavings of crayon. A sort of crazy expenditure of time, but my excuse is that I had the flu, and was miserable. The circles are very floaty and light. The slightest breeze or breath makes them all fluttery and delightful, like big translucent snow flakes.

I’ve also been baking and cooking rather a lot of hearty and carbohydrate filled deliciousnesses.

wrapping an apple strudel

and it's pretty cooked, too! (and very yummy)

mushroom towers and risotto, recipe from Martha

I’ve made risotto before, but this was the first time I’ve made it from a recipe and, you know, measured the ingredients. I also used a mix of fresh button mushrooms and dried morels. HOLY SMOKES. Dried morels taste amazing.

Apple pizza

…made on this fancy pizza stone that was gifted to us. What a lovely crispy crust it turns out. This was made with spelt, and quite delicious. I’ve actually been doing a lot of cooking, baking, cleaning, and general house-wifery since the new year… and I have to say that it agrees with me. After the whirlwind of October-November-December at Wildhagen, it is such a pleasant relief to have spare moments to collect my thoughts in. It is a much more livable balance in the household, too, for me to take on more of the housey labour – it leaves C freer to concentrate on her studies to her fullest. Which, when we are paying so bloody much on tuition, I think makes perfect sense.

And, look what else showed up here last week!

It’s been giving birth to all sorts of things already. This shirt, for one. And some swim trunks I made for C. Which are made from an almost hideously electric turquoise spandex blend that I salvaged, and so perhaps not the most photographic of projects. It was one of those moments where I was so relieved that practicality ranks higher than aesthetics in her mind. She is so very supportive. 🙂

Stitched up another dove brooch for a friend. This one with this very nice nubby silk thread, that was spun by hand by my brother T. I love the variegated texture it gives to the embroidery.

It seems that this is quite a random post. I do hope you don’t mind, my dears. Another random happening: the women at Wildhagen told me that one of you stopped in there recently and recognized my seagull hat on the shelf from reading about it here! I wish I had been there to say hi in person… but I am tickled nonetheless. Sometimes I forget entirely that this world overlaps at all with the “real” world. What a trip! I keep wondering who you are. Hi, whoever you are!

And Hi, to the rest of you, too! Hope your day is as sunny as it is in Toronto today. Maybe spring will come, after all!




5 Responses

  1. i actually checked the blog twice today, hoping to see something new and i’m just so happy that i stalk you through the interweb! so exciting to have a surger join the party–woohoo! xoxo

  2. Oh Anna, your blog makes me so happy. I love all all the pretties!

  3. I love the whimsy of the mobile and the lovely symmetry of the apple pizza…

  4. oh there you are!
    love the top, and the brooch – i agree about the thread.
    however, you’ve made me hungry with all your pretty food pictures, which is a disservice at 11:13 at night…..
    soon i will meet this serger, i hope….soon….

  5. hey, i want to see more! i know you’re being crafty out there, you can’t fool me…

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