A new strategy

I’m going to try something new for a while: shorter posts, more frequently! So without further ado, I present to you my weekend’s creative work, a birthday collage for my brother-in-law:

I found this rather abused children’s book in the recycling the other day — the bears came from that. They were climbing a tree in the original picture but it only took a little creative snipping and rearrangement of some little bear hands to make them hold beers instead of branches. I used pencil crayons and felt pens to draw in the surroundings. I’ve been enjoying lately the effect of pale coloured pencils on dark paper – such different light affects are possible!

In other news, since I’m trying to stay healthy and kick all cold bugs from my system, I think I’ve become addicted to orange juice. Is this possible?? Also, please comment and tell me what you do to keep your immune system in tip-top shape. I think mine needs a kick in the pants!

hmm… yeah…

Go bears!


4 Responses

  1. ginger (obviously) and fresh vitamin C and whole cloves of garlic, just swallowed, and daily exercise.

  2. I enjoy a hot lemon drink with honey – You MUST drink it while it is hot! That always helps me out.

  3. vit c, hot yoga, lots of massages! baths, art therapy. . .

  4. Emergen-C in water (and lots of water), vitamins before I go to bed, plenty of sleep, and working up a sweat at least twice a week. Of course, unless I’ve made some art during the week, I found that those preventions can fail me . . .

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