A productive day

Starting to get my full energy back again, finally, and had an almost ‘normal’ feeling day! Whatever normal is.

It included: a walk, grocery shopping, and picking rosehips in the community garden that i am coveting an allotment in…

[I’ve been reading this book about foraged foods in the urban landscape lately that’s got me looking at the plants around me differently. These little beauties were a lot of work to wash, trim, de-seed, and dry… but worth it! They are sweeter for having stayed on the bush after the frost – much more tasty then any rosehips I have tried before (which I always found sort of waxy and bland). These are so tart and good, like a half-sweet craisin, or imagine the jammy sourness of tamarind and add a hint of apple. Did you know roses and apples are in the same family? It’s true. I have maybe enough dried rosehip pieces to throw in a big recipe of pancakes. Yum.]

Today also included yoga, some actual work drafting a pattern for a blouse a friend ordered, making a surprise chocolate cake, and making homeade deodorant…!!!

Okay, so it’s not much to look at in terms of a photo, but let me tell you it smells AMAZING. I was inspired by angry chicken‘s recipe, but I altered it a bit to suit the ingredients I had on hand. It’s essentially just salve, with cornstarch and baking soda. I used a blend of pine, bergamot, teatree, and lavender essential oils for their antibacterial and deodorizing properties, and mandarin essential oil for its own yummy scent. Seems good so far in terms of defying B.O… I’ll let you know how it holds up. Certainly is cheap to make, since I have and use all the ingredients for other things already. My only criticism so far is that it’s a bit gritty – but oh, so good smelling. So good! Also, I think that the only thing more hippy than not wearing deodorant at all has got to be making your own, and I like that.

Erm. Hi! Look, two posts this week already. Where will the madness stop.


5 Responses

  1. Hmmm – that girl of mine has got another project….

    Mom and I have solid crystaline deoderant that we use every day, and which is at least 10 years old – that makes it pretty darn cheap. It is a Potassium salt I think – but it works…. but yours will smell better!

  2. Ooo Banana you’re such a good little hippy. Maybe you could squirt your oils onto the solid crystaline deoderant like your Dad was talking about. We need to chatty on the tele-a-m-phone soon! Nice to see lots of posts!

  3. so happy to see more post up in this here blog. also, love those ruby red rosehips against that turquoise painted wood…looks like something i might own! if we ever start a band together, can we be called the ruby red rosehips?!

  4. I made my own deodorant recently too! It’s just coconut oil (the kind I buy in bulk for food, raw unrefined) with a lot of arrowroot powder and baking soda in it. No EOs. So far it’s been working perfectly–about a zillion better than anything else I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried everything. It’s AMAZING. What’s in your salve base?

    I could never get those deo crystals to work… they always broke or else just stopped working. 😦

  5. Oh, I should add that of course it does nothing for sweat prevention, just stink-prevention. I use Certain-Dri or Drysol for sweat, which, bizarrely, is safe according to the EWG. Otherwise I’d never be able to leave the house without big wet underarm patches.

    And I’ve NEVER been able to do get the no-shampoo thing (baking soda/ACV rinse) to work for my hair, sad sad. Although maybe it would be different now that my hair’s short again. Have you tried it?

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