A week in pictures

The snow has melted, and we’ve gone from white to grey. It’s not so bad. Reminds me of BC. Only a few tiny green tips outside, which I hope don’t get frost bitten, but you can tell it’s coming. Oh yes.

In the meantime I’m making up for it by extra loving our indoor plants. I made this hanging wire wrapped glass bottle to house a spider plant cutting.

My first attempt was in a burnt out lightbult, trying to make one like this again. Don’t try this at home kids. Or, do, but know your own strength and don’t accidently crush a lightbulb in your hand. Heh.

Yes, the anticipation of the growing season is mounting. Perhaps the 30 some odd varieties of heirloom veggie and herb seeds that I got last weekend at the Seedy Saturday event here in Toronto have something to do with it. I’m agog imagining the luscious garden I’m going to create on our rooftop patio in a few months. Painted lady beans? They have bi-colour flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds! (there are still some of those in Toronto, right?) Easter egg radishes? Produce 5 different colours of radishes! Mammoth basil with 5 inch leaves! Mizuna! Angelica! Arugula! Black Prince tomatoes! It is vaguely possible that I am in a little deep considering that this is officially My First Garden. Pfffft. Have I mentioned I’m excited about spring…

It’s all coming up pretty quickly. C’s end of term is just a few (crammed full) weeks away. There was the making of a Motivational Pie to help with all the deadlines.

Sour cherry & apple pie, with a spelt pastry crust.  A note to folks who think they don’t have the temperament for such fickle things as pastry:  Spelt flour is the key. Because it is so low in gluten compared to wheat flour, it is almost impossible to accidentally make tough, overworked dough. And I should know.

Motivational Pie is the breakfast of champions — it’s jam and butter for your toast all rolled into one. Gardening magazines are also an essential part of a champion’s breakfast (especially stacks of free ones the champion finds on the side of the road).  Notice that despite my pastry prowess I’m back to making brick breads again.  Win some, lose some…

Oh, and hello, here is some wool I dyed with leftover beet cooking water. This is the hazard of eating beets for dinner. Spontaneous dyeing! Look out! The little swatch is the original wool colour – just a bit too peachy weak. (I pureed the beet skins with the water, strained it, added the wool to the dye and simmered it for about an hour, mordanted with 1/2 c. white vinegar.)

Here is a mystery teaser of a project I’m working on for a monday deadline… stay tuned.

And this, gentle readers, is my dinner from last night – something called Farinata, a rustic Italian dish made primarily from chickpea flour, bathed in olive oil. What you can’t see in this picture is the delightfully crispy edges, the creamy, polenta-like centre,  and all the belly-rubbing happiness that ensued. I followed this recipe, more or less, adding some bits of parboiled potato, fried onions, and sundried tomatoes to ours. YUM.

Hope your week had been just as delicious.




3 Responses

  1. I’m tuned! I’m tuned!

  2. Oh, the seeds! I’m trying to decide how container-gardeny I want to try to get this year, since I’m not sure yet if we’ll be in the city through the summer or moving. I should know in about 6 weeks, anyway. I hope that’s not too late to buy/order/start seeds. I reeeeallly want to find some of those Easter Egg radish seeds (even though Mike things radishes are Satan’s vegetable) and the mammoth basil. Wow!

    And all I have to say about that Farinata thingy is NOM NOM NOM.

  3. PS I really miss you and want to come visit!

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