I’ve been so focused this past week, on a couple things in particular.

Spring! Things are starting to peak up everywhere! How exciting!

I took this photo a couple days ago, and since then have spotted crocuses, snowdrops and mini irises in bloom! These little daffodil sprouts are actually coming up in the barren and neglected yard in front of our building. Well, not so barren then, is it? I did some digging around and pruning of the hedges out there the other day, and I’m pleased and surprised that the earth is not nearly so compacted and poor as I had imagined. So I think there is a good chance of planting some things down there after all…

So I’ve been taking daily walks to check up on the progress of all the little growing things in our neighbourhood, wearing my finally finished new hat:

I started this number, uhm… 2 years ago? Oh god. The yarn was frogged from an old sweater, which I crocheted into a super huge hat, then fulled it in the washing machine to shrink it down. I wore it at that stage for a year. A couple weeks ago a finally trimmed it down to a more flattering shape, added the braided ties under the chin, and embroidered it with the spiral motif, using the yarn I dyed with the beet water that I showed you. Now it is a rockin’ hat! Super thick and warm, and nearly 100% waterproof. Perfect for spring.

red osier dogwood

red osier dogwood

Also, my dad visited us last weekend, bringing with him the above, carefully swaddled in his suitcase, all the way from our front yard in BC. He’s a nice poppa. They were dormant when they arrived, and a week later are fully popped out and green. Cool.

And with the warming weather my gardening obsession is becoming almost unbearably strong! We have just a little roof and patio area accessible to plant a garden on (in containers, natch) – but for the first time ever, this apartment has excellent light: being on the top floor we have far beyond the minimum 6hrs of direct light required to grow veg in. I’ve been reading books and websites compulsively for months now, and although I’m sure I’ve bit off a bit more than I can probably chew, my enthusiasm is as yet undampened. So I’ve been collecting “useful things to plant in/on” all winter, and it’s a bit of a hilarious pile right now, but I promise it will become much more impressive in the coming weeks:

"useful stuff", aka one person's trash is another person's garden of babylon

Please hold your applause.

The other thing I’ve been absorbed by has been the following – my submission for the Toronto Fringe Festival’s poster competition:

It took me forever… but it was one of those projects where I had a clear, blot-out-of-the-blue idea of what I wanted it to be, and I couldn’t stop until I had created it. Of course, someone who has better photoshop chops could have probably put it together in a tenth of the time, but boy did I ever learn a lot of tricks. It was super fun. And I really like it! I think the animals look a little sinister in their masks, but other than that it’s just as I imagined it. Best was the part when I dropped it off at the Fringe office and eavesdropped outside the door to hear what they said about it after I left, and listening to them giggle and gush about how much they liked it. Mission accomplished.  🙂


3 Responses

  1. Good werk there princess! 😀 Well done! Cute little animals!

  2. Ooo did you draw all the little ani-mules?

  3. YAYYYY – Nice work Becky! Way to go. It IS a very nifty poster – that’s my girl!

    Hmmm – does it say Anna Borstad anywhere on it? Even in very small letters???

    I am so glad the Dogwood leafed out so quickly – now you have a bit of green BC in your apartment! When they root, you can plant them on your balcony…

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