I won!

Thanks to Adam from the Toronto Fringe office for making my day by calling just now and to tell me I won the poster contest! 😀
But how embarrassed I am that via their google alerts they read my post from yesterday regarding the whole eaves-dropping-outside-their-office thing… They’ll probably read this, too! Oh, internet, you are a funny place. Now who’s eavesdropping on who, hmm?

To answer your question, Rikki, yes I drew the ani-mules… I built the poster up through a crazy (stupid) layering process, first drawing the individual elements, then scanning them in and messing with everything in photoshop. I drew everything separately so that I could arrange and rearrange them on the screen to get the picture *just* right. I think in retrospect that maybe a different program would have worked better, but since photoshop is what I have, photoshop is what I used. Most of the time I had no idea what I was doing… lol. I put a couple filters on the whole image at the end to bring it all together. I was inspired by some kids books I found in the trash a couple weeks ago and the jolly animals they featured. I still think that these guys look like maybe they’re up to something a bit evil, but I had a lot of fun making it!



3 Responses

  1. How fabulous — thatsa my girl!! I love the poster (of course) so it’s nice to know that strangers did too! I guess the prize is getting to see your work posted all over the place…? So proud of you!

  2. google alerts? ooo stalker-ish

  3. Yes but was it as fulfilling as winning the yearbook design contest for our last year? 🙂

    Emoticons aside, woot! Your design is so great. And maybe those animals are up to no good! That would certainly be keeping with the fanciful yet sinister tradition of children’s stories (hello, brothers Grimm!) where new/fun is often associated with mystery/danger.

    Ah, it’s too late on a Friday for analysis/interpretation. Your poster = teh greatness.

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