Growing things is an act of faith. These tiny seeds are going to grow into enormous vines, bearing buckets of juicy tomatoes?

….are you sure?

Water and tend, hover anxiously, hum, sing, shower with affection, move into the sunbeam, have you grown yet? A watched sprout never germinates.

And then when they have begun to grow, one still has to suspend her disbeleif… these little fragile things might grow to be 10 feet tall? If you say so…

And yet their tiny roots push through the cardboard, promising to be strong, promising to grow grow grow…




And then there is the yard in front of our building – neglected and full of garbage. But that soil is pretty nice, the weeds seem to like it, and despite that it has only grown cigarette butts and mud for at least the past four years (according to one of our neighbours who has lived here that long), we’ve decided to see what happens if it is cared for. So, many armloads of broken concrete hauled from the dumpster and some borrowed tools later, and it does look a bit better. Turns out that under all the dead leaves and garbage there were some sprouty things coming up – wait to see what those are. Since these pictures were taken I’ve also put in some clumps of divided perennials from my mother-in-law’s garden and some irises dug up from a construction site where the landscaping was just being torn out and tossed… Maybe one day it will actually look like a garden. The other people that share our building are wavering between supportive and bemused that I would take this on as a project. No actual offers of help, but no real opposition either. Won’t it just got trashed by the partying students, walked on, barfed on? Well, maybe. I’m feeling optimistic though.  I feel like it only takes one person to care, and demonstrate that care, for a chain reaction to begin. Already people are putting their cigarette butts in the tin can by the door rather then just throwing them in the yard. Small victories.

And then here is a set of build-a-tree vinyl stamps I carved for a friend’s birthday. How tall will your tree grow?


3 Responses

  1. 1) jealous of the garden!!

    2) OH MY GOD i LOVE that stamp set!!!

  2. Wow good job on the garden! That is very very cool and all recycled stuff! That is the most!

  3. what a gorgeous post. I especially love the stamp set!!
    Sara in Salt Lake City

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