How very exciting! Just got a call that we have been allotted a plot at the local community garden! Number A7! I am at once both ecstatic and terrified! This changes everything
So now I’m dusting off the dreams I carefully packed away as unrealistic earlier this year of growing such romantic items as musk melons and purple broccolli and brussel sprout trees, ohh…
But here’s the thing: I sort of spent my seed budget already on nice little container-garden-friendly things like… greens. So many kinds of greens. Some herbs. Nasturtiums. Beans. Peas. Radishes!
Anyway, wondering if anyone reading this in the Toronto area wants to trade some veg seeds?  I also have the lovely little fledgling tomato seedlings, of which I expect I have too many for my own uses even considering this new plot to plant. Tradesies, anyone? I’d be happy to put up an actual list of varieties if anyone is interested.
And now I hope you will excuse the inevitable garden obsessiveness that is likely to colonize this blog now. Maybe I should rename this place freeplaygrow?

Eh, whatever. It’s allll craft.


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  1. WOOT! Congrats!

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