Sneak peek

So I’ve been beavering away here the past few weeks putting together a whole bunch of things for the shop. Poor little lonely cuff, sitting there all alone… she needs some company! It’s funny though, that what takes the longest isn’t actually making things to put in the shop, it’s all this photography, editing, writing, arranging, etc that accumulates around the making, the work of actually translating these beautiful things on my desk into images and words that might cause you to fall in love with them yourself.

Anyway, here is a little sneak preview of a few of the things for the shop that I’m most proud of, for you my loyal fans… 😛

Expect a proper post and shop update in the next few days. I think at that point I’ll do a little giveaway too, to celebrate the “official” opening of the shop. (Finally!)

In the meantime, I hope you all are having a lovely sunny June tuesday.

(I’ll have to post some pictures of my various gardens here soon too — everything is suddenly green and lush and full of promise…)




3 Responses

  1. ackk woooo I LOVE@!!! Swoooooon! Those bad boys are gonna sell like hot cakes!!! So proud of your hard work! Can’t wait for PLP times!!

  2. I have so say that photo of the bird brooch is SOOOOO nice 😀 Great mood!

  3. “I wear my heart on my sleeve…” or collar!

    Beautiful work!

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