10 days in the garden

Everything has exploded green since I was away, and all my wavering faith that things will indeed grow have been assuaged.

Sugar Snap Peas Attack! Metropolitan Toronto Overcome

"Sugar Snap Peas Attack! Metropolitan Toronto Overcome"

It’s always hard transitioning between home here and home there. It’s so grand in some ways to have had the freedom to move around, live in so many different places — except that now I have people that I love all over this country, and little hope that they would ever all settle in one place just for my own ease and delight. That my own family and C’s family will probably always live seperated by 3 big prairie provinces worries away at me — where does that leave us? Always apart from someones.

Deep Cove

Deep Cove

And apart from this.  The longer I am away the more permeable I feel to how ridiculously gorgeous the coast is. And jammed full of tingly inspiration, in the rocks and tidal life crawling all over themselves, in the heavy cedar-rich hot summer air, in all my childhood memories and shapes of this place.

For instance:

Organic wool chew toy that I made for my friends B&M’s little baby girl (I should have said to you, B, that the wool is pre-felted so go ahead and toss it in the washing machine and dryer if/when needs be. And organic! So all safe for the chewing!)

And that my mother is just as keen on crafting as I am, and with very little convincing necessary at all, will take a day off work to tie dye fabric with me…

We had a go at shibori, and it was SO fun. (More on this later though – I took enough photos for a whole post of its own.)

But the reason to go home at all this time around was for one very special girl’s wedding. Congrats again, Rikki. You and D looked so very lovely.

And that enormous feathery confection pinned to her head? My work of course!

My favourite part of making this sparkly extravaganza was being able to use some of this lovely vintage costume jewelery – the rhinestone peices and the cute button in the centre of the flower. It’s still all coming from that motherlode of pretties J gave me from her grandmother.  Even though these two ladies have not met, it was a special niceness for me to symbolically connect them in this — they definitely share a love of sparkly beautiful things.

My gift to the happy couple was a picnic “quillow” — a patchwork blanket that folds up into a pillow. (Matching napkins and bamboo cutlery not pictured.)

embroidery and hearts! love!

picnic blanket unfolded

Oh, and here is another wedding quilty project too, this one for C’s cousin’s matrimonial, which we attended on the way to BC.

a patchwork table runner

(I really should have ironed that before i took that photo…)

Between this project, the quillow, and another top secret project (which it is killing me to not blog about, let me tell you that much), I have been thoroughly enamoured with quilting and patchwork this summer. I have plenty of ideas tumbling around, waiting for me to be still long enough to put them down on paper. You’ll have to take my word on that. I hope to one day have another shop update for you, but first I’m off at the end of this week for another 10 days in the garden — nature’s garden, Massasauga park — for a week of canoe camping my love.

In the meantime, I hope you too find many things to inspire you in the coming weeks.




2 Responses

  1. props & love.

  2. so many pretties, not enough time! i’m so happy to see this post as i have vainly been checking almost daily, even the days i knew you were away. * le sigh *

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