Showing up

I had intended to write this week finally about that beautiful shibori dyeing I did a few weeks ago while I was home in BC, but instead I’d like to share this TED talk with you.

When I was out in the booneys in a canoe last week I spent some time thinking about myself and my work and my rambling career path, so it was timely to come home to a friend’s recommendation that I check out this talk. I was thinking about the conversation that happens between the ourselves and our inspiration (or in Elizabeth Gilbert’s words “that genius assigned to our case”) that produces the really tingly good work. I decided that one way to look at my role in life or art is as that of an interpreter, a translator to communicate the various messages of the world/life/beauty/truths into something that those who aren’t as “fluent” in the language can recognize and be inspired by. You know with a good interpreter, in journalism for instance, when there is a good relationship between the speaker and the interpreter, you forget that what you are hearing is even a translation. The interpreter dissolves into the message, her voice becoming the speaker’s own… ah, dissapearing. The goal.

Sometimes I am successful and sometimes my ego gets in the way or I try to steer the conversation too much, or I’m just talking to myself, and that dissapearing isn’t possible. Sometimes (usually) I am the mule.

But gosh, she’s right. Just showing up for this work is pretty damn good. Certainly if I don’t show up nothing is ever possible. Does it seem to anyone else like I am continually coming back to the same point? I wonder when I will have learned this lesson…

The disciplined practice of making art is mandatory.

Everything else is optional.

Right, right. Shibori next week then.

Hoping that you have a lovely weekend.


ps. Two other fantastic creativity-related TED talks I have enjoyed, for your weekend viewing pleasure: Classical Music and Shining Eyes, and Hyperbolic Crochet and the Math of Coral


3 Responses

  1. I absolutely love TED. We have been watching them on a regular basis and have been granted a lot of insight and ideas we would never have had the opportunity to experience.

  2. i run a chair massage business and i always put quotes in with the paychecks and this week i put in “80% of success is just showing up” ~ Woody Allen. thanks for sharing this, it was just what i needed.

  3. Oh good TED talk 😀


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