Harvest circle

Wading through the stimuli of the summer, the bounty of ideas and inspirations I’ve collected and documented in the past few months. It’s hard to believe we’re now coasting into fall, the equinox is just a days away and it’s harvest time, both literally as the garden and market are overflowing with that rich glorious autumn produce, and figuratively as I scurry to pack away all the bountiful sun-inspired ideas in my brain before the frost comes and hunkering down for winter begins in earnest. Here is a harvest of photos from the summer that I revisited today, riffing on circles and dots and holes and such. The first few images are from a day at the beach in Deep Cove, and this motif stayed with me all summer, showing up everywhere!

cherries in july

first of our tomatoes of the season

yoyos and embroidery on a tee shirt I made for my friend T

I found a cool chest on the street and collaged it up

I found this nifty chest on the street and it begged for collage

I bought a big roll of mural paper, and now every time we have people over it turns into a doodle party :)

I bought a big roll of mural paper, and now every time we have people over we make it a doodle party 🙂 The dots always make an appearance...

thanks for all the veggies M&A - Ive redecorated the kitchen in tomato. Its a good look.

M&A: I've redecorated the kitchen in your tomatoes. It's a good look. Thanks for sharing your bounty!

I painted this found purse to cover up some bike grease stains

It will take me many many months to absorb and reflect on all the inspirations of the summer months, all the photos and thoughts jotted down. I’ve got them put up like glowing jars of jam and pickles lining the shelves of my mind. But I’ve cracked the spine on a new journal, and even though I’m no longer a student, the crispness of the air of September still feels like new beginnings, there is still that thrill and new motivation to muster focus and strength to take on new projects.  The first red maple leaves showed up here yesterday overnight, vibrant and glowing. Here we are again.

Hope you are all enjoying the gold coloured afternoons and pulling out wool sweaters.



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  1. i love fall too. . . how the air starts to smell different, passion all around!

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