The Stratfordshire Hoard!

Just heard the news on CBC about the Stratfordshire Hoard, the largest hoard of Anglo Saxon booty ever found. I suppose you think this is an odd thing to find discussed on a purportedly craft-centric blog, but that’s because you don’t know that I did an undergrad degree in anthropology! Ha ha!

And I do love a good treasure hunt. Look how close to the surface some of the artifacts were! I can only image how frickin’ thrilled Terry Herbert was when he found all this. Gah!

Also, in my defense, this totally is on topic because the things they found are so very beautiful. Even still covered in dirt the artifacts are amazing! Here are a couple of my favourites so far. Really makes me want to take up metal smithing…

But hey, have a look for yourself – there’s a gallery set up already on flickr.

It’s so amazing to think about the people who made these things. Amazing! Look, a belt buckle!

I’m totally geeking out.


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  1. Hey – maybe you need to be an anthopologist with a metal detector girly!!

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