Glue and scissors

I’ve been working on a series of collages this week, trying to get over my inherent bias towards practical and/or useful pretty things, trying to be okay with making things that are just for looking at. I put up so very many obstacles for myself, really.

Two dreamscapes then:

a bird flies, a fish swims.

a bird flies, a fish swims.

trees in the garden, women in the field

trees in the garden, women in the field

I have ideas for a few more, too. Hope to get some prints made to put in the shop, maybe… stay tuned.

And then here is a little something I played around with today:

ephemeral stained glass!

two pieces of plexiglass with leaves sandwiched between them

aren’t the colours amazing? So glowy with the light shining through them. Their ephemeral quality, that soon they’ll all be brown leaves on the ground,  makes them even more special.

This last one is a scan of the same project, but look how much flatter the colours are.


Nature, you do it best.

(same collage as above, with hue and saturation tinkered)

But photoshop does it pretty well, too.  Hee hee.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody. It’s fall!



3 Responses

  1. Love!

  2. so, so pretty.

  3. Wow, the collages and the leaf ‘stained glass’ are beautiful! I read your post to the Project Zoo group so came here to check out your blog. You are very talented!

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