Quince jelly and other good things

Been very food focused lately while trying to kick the last of this cold bug. See? Ripening the last of the cherry tomatoes, putting up jars of preserves, drying our own marigolds and comfrey for making healing salves, a big jar of oregano picked and dried from the farm. You should see what’s in the deep freezer. Oh boy!

Making jelly:



straining the cooked quince

straining the cooked quince

cooking quince juice

cooking quince juice with sugar

little jars, big pot

little jars, big pot

More of the big tomatoes are ripe now, too:

let’s make something…

Hmm, salsa!

… and roasted potatoes, guacamole, and yummy mole beans and cheese. hmmm…

But here is a little craft project, too, just in case you think I’ve gone awol. A little cheerful bunting for a friend going through a hard time.

La la la.

Let it shine…


5 Responses

  1. I just made my first quince recipe! Where did you get the quinces from?

    • A bush in our neighbourhood… it was a usufruct situation!

  2. Mmm, I am so hungry now! Good thing it’s almost lunch time (although I’m stuck with a mall food court lunch today…)

    Make sure to check out the 2nd most recent picture post I just did on our weblog (password: bfamilyphotos) because a bunch of them star your starfish! Maddie absolutely adores it and it is one of the first things she learned to grip.

  3. […] you, what are your experiences with quince (if […]

  4. […] were edible gifts too, for the loved ones who live within carrying distance – quince jelly, spiced nuts, homemade awaze (ethiopian spice paste, my latest culinary crush), and my (rather […]

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