Noro WIP & I still love painting

With a little help from my own personal knitting support  group (thanks guys!) I worked out how to knit up my lovely Noro yarn into (the beginnings of) a stripey chevron scarf. See?

So far so good! Except I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of yarn. [Oh no, I will have to buy more Noro… what a tragedy.] I’ve 3 different dye lots and my plan is to alternate chunks from each ball to mix up the colourways a bit, but overall it will be shades of grey with brighter swaths of turquoise and other greeny, bluey, purpley tones. Nom.

If anyone is curious, that nice pointy chevron shape is brought to you by a ridged double decrease, as follows:

Insert R needle into 2 stitches as if to knit them together. Slip BOTH stitches simultaneously over to the right needle. Knit one stitch, and simultaneously pass both slipped stitches over the knit stitch and off the R needle.

I really like the way the centre of the chevron is raised up, and I’m adding randomly spaced ribbed/garter rows to echo that on the perpendicular axis. The combined effect is reminiscent of leaf veins…

And here are a couple more journal pages,

i dreamt that one of my incisors cracked and came loose

at a very grey intersection i saw a tree with a halo of bright orange berries

And a painting I made as a birthday present for my friend K, who is an excellent cook (and who writes a killer food blog that you definitely want to peruse):

sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy and umami

Happy Monday, everyone.


2 Responses

  1. i have reoccuring dreams about my teeth falling out. . . so inspired by the beautiful journal pages, i’m going to have to quit with boring writing and start using some mixed media

  2. ooooo nice scarf!!

    I absulutley HATE dreams about loosing my teeth. They seriously traumatize me! If you are interested there are lots of interpretations to the “deeper” meaning into dreams like these…

    Fab watercolours! Looks like you are gaining a wonderful understanding of the medium!

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