the gifts i couldn’t show you

…because it would have give the surprise away, right? Which explains why there was little posting here in december – i was too busy making things and keeping them secret.

seeds we saved from the garden - arugula, bok choi, mizuna, and the speckled trout romaine, with my hand painted labels

a few of their favourite things

a still life of a few of their favourite things, for brother and sis-in-law

a punny i.o.u for the 17 year old who has everything...

Remember my shibori experiment from the summer? I stretched the material over some salvaged canvas frames, then embellished them with freehand embroidery and vintage mother of pearl buttons (from the fabled grandmother stash)

There were edible gifts too, for the loved ones who live within carrying distance – quince jelly, spiced nuts, homemade awaze (ethiopian spice paste, my latest culinary crush), and my (rather awesome, i must say) spelt fruitcake.

with almonds, dried cherries, cranberries, pineapple, apricots, my own homemade candied lemon peel, and a good deal of brandy!

So that’s what i’ve been up to. Did anyone in Toronto see the beautiful sunset just now? Glowing peach, lavender, indigo, dusky violet, turquoise, grey and gold. Wow. I’m going to cut this short now and (foolishly) see if I can paint it.




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  1. Awesome gifts. I love the shibori embroideries.

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