So here is my attempt at painting the sunset from the other day. I cheated a bit and jacked the saturation way up in photoshop to try to make it glow more, but hmm, painting sunsets is hard.  (i like those purple clouds, though)

We took our little ‘tree’ down yesterday, but not before i took a few pictures.

she was a good little tree. we liberated her from a bundle of pruned branches put out to the curb on compost collection day.

Also randomly, here are a few more photos from earlier in december.

last of the winter greens

Check it out, these are the last harvest of greens from our community garden, picked december 10th! We dug them out from under the snow, and they were still very tasty. Frost tolerant, no kidding!

And at the farm:

purple bramble stems

wasp nest levitating in the bog

farm angels

And a (rather long) list of quite lovely affirmations i would like to share with you, you whom I consider fellow travellers, whom i imagine as each seeking your own life’s work, on your own journey of discovery towards and deeper into your own rich and fulfilling life, excerpted from Zen and the Art of Making a Living (which is kind of a trite title for such a helpful and interesting book). I hope you find them ringing with encouragement and hope for you, too.

1. I am now willing to see the vision of my life’s work.

2. Whatever fears of blocks may have kept me from seeing my work in the past are now dissolved by my desire to know and be my very best.

3. I am open to receiving the vision of my life’s work easily and with joy. I now receive it.

4. I am willing to accept this vision and promise to be responsible to and for it.

5. Having seen the vision of my life’s work, I trust that it will continue to reveal itself more fully to me as time goes by.

6. I am confident of my ability to manifest the vision I see.

7. I boldly take each and every step necessary to make this vision manifest.

8. My strongest talents and abilities are now made clear to me. I accept and embrace them with gratitude.

9. I am happy that I am a unique individual, endowed with unique talents and abilities. I will not spend my precious time and energy comparing my talents with those of others.

10. I like me, and I like being who I am. I am glad I have the talents that I have, and I use them wisely in service to others.

11. Each and every day, it becomes more clear to me how I can best apply my talents to my life’s work.

12. The more I focus on my desire to achieve the vision of my life’s work, the more my talents become clear to me and the more effectively I use them.

all my best to you for the new year

xo anna


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