zen habits and other good ones

I’ve been introduced to a new blog that I think some of you might like, Zen Habits. It’s resonating with me in all sorts of ways, particularly  the-little-but-really-useful-guide-to-creativity. Check it out.

One of my own new ‘zen’ habits is to resurrect my make-a-quilt-block (or two) a day habit from the summer and the creation of the quilt o’ love. It is just such a good way to start my day – enough form and structure to make it a pleasingly automatic exercise, but still enough freedom in shape and colour to be creatively satisfying and enticing. Perfect. Because I liked that design and the freedom of not really having to have a plan to start out with, I’m going to be boring and just do the same process again. The cohesion will come from it all being material from my existing stash (I found a huge box of quilting cottons last september on moving day – that will be a large portion), and I’m just going to keep making blocks until I feel like it’s not a fun or useful thing to do anymore.  I’m hoping to make the process into a queen sized comforter cover for our bed (and thereby by-passing the actual quilting aspect entirely, mwah ha ha).

Also, you know that book I mentioned earlier, Zen and the Art of Making a Living?

It’s amaaazing.

I’m having one of those days where it is clear suddenly that every step I’ve ever taken has lead me to this one… that my life has not been a series of accidents and missteps, but one continuous journey, every experience has made me who I am today.  And i’ve been reading and reading and writing and writing and painting and painting and laughing and crying, and I am here! Me!

What a breakthrough! (haha! the chorus! sing it with me!)

So, even though dog-earring pages is my usual habit, I made myself a book mark today, out of respect for this book and for myself, really, and the incipient growth I am feeling.



It was fun to play in abstract with the water colours, freeing and unpredictable. I also used the bookmark to test out Frisket film for masking off the white areas. I’m not quite sure about it yet, since I was lead astray by the salesman as to it’s applicability to water colour (frisket film is traditionally used for airbrush painting – liquid frisket is what i should have purchased) but in general it is a fun new tool to explore.

Time for dinner now! More soon!




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