History Lesson (or, Learning to Draw: part II)

This weekend my Dad came to visit, and between all the tasty meals we spent quite a bit of time at the ROM, drawing.

As we walked through the natural history galleries, walked through the evolution of life on earth, from dinosaurs and other prehistoric life through to the contemporary exhibit about biodiversity and endangered species, we chatted about the interesting and amazing animals, about all the excited kids careening off of each other, about drawing…

In that environment and with thoughts of evolution running through my head, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own personal evolution…

It was neat to be there together, sketchbooks in hand, to see how our styles are different but similar, seeing how much I have been influenced and shaped by my dad’s own interest in art:

Even if you don’t make a perfect likeness, drawing something forces you to look at it differently…

…says my dad, and I had to laugh, having just written that long-winded post here about drawing and seeing just the day before…!

So here is the comparatively concise “Learning to draw, part II” — the second most important thing to do if you want to learn to draw:

Do it a lot!

Trying to draw, practicing the act of looking at things differently, is the best (only) way to really learn how.

So I’ll shut up about it now and let you get back to your drawings! See you at the ROM…


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