bright february afternoons make for high contrast photography

Something that I’ve noticed since taking up painting with such vigour is that sewing is fun again. I don’t know when sewing had stopped being fun, but it’s nice to find enthusiasm and ideas springing up again.

This was just a quick little t-shirt surgery I whipped up the other night:

Cut the sleeves off one too-small tee, and open the shoulder seams. Serge closed the sides where the arms were, tapering gradually to the remaining side seam. Cut two long rectangles of contrasting jersey to make ‘straps’ and attach. Embellish with silly mesh and lots of jersy polka dots. Ta da!

Also, I finished my noro scarf!

Isn’t she pretty?

Keeping me warm on these brisk bright days…

best wishes,



2 Responses

  1. This is a great t-shirt modification! Especially for someone long-waisted like me, this would be a nice way to lengthen a tee (which always look like crop-tops on me!). Thanks for sharing, I think it’s gorgeous!

  2. I meant to comment on these ages ago — they are both such lovely projects! I especially love the chevron scarf! I had small drools when I saw it. (Just kidding… or am I?)

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