Free your heart and the work will follow

That’s been my mantra for a while now. It’s so exciting to see it paying off. Not that having a free heart isn’t an ends in itself – I think that freeing your heart must be the place to start no matter what you were hoping to accomplish – but it’s gratifying to find that it’s not just a perky philosophy but actually a practical strategy. Set it and forget it, right? The work is following!

Jess' epiphany, mixed media collage (sold)

blossoming, watercolour (sold)

I wish i could get over the feeling of surprise. Somehow I’ve gotten so used to defeat, roadblocks, frustration. It’s hard not to hold my breath, wondering when the other shoe will drop…

cat's cradle, watercolour

And then another part of me isn’t surprised at all – when I feel this passionate and on fire with my work, it seems only natural that other people would feel that way about it too, no? But still. Can i keep this up?

I’m practicing feeling grateful for right now. Every idea that drives me to stop what I’m doing and pick up my sketchbook, every painting that sparkles in my mind, enticing me, calling me…

A special place, watercolour

It tickles me a little the range of styles I’m managing to pull out here. Does it look disparate to anyone else? I don’t know why i’m so attached to having a recognizable “style” that is all my own… I suppose it will come in time. I feel like I’m going through some kind of artistic puberty, trying on different identities/styles, trying to find what fits, what feels like home…

research and development

Anyway, here’s a little sneak peak about what i’m working on concurrently – stationery! Hope to have some greeting cards featuring my paintings in my etsy shop soon soon…

And, oh, actually — maybe you guys could be helpful in that regard: If you have a sec, have a look at my flickr photostream and help me choose which image(s) I should reproduce up as greeting cards. My thought is to use the more impersonal watercolour paintings, like blossoming and stained glass window, rather than any of my self portraits … but maybe a few of the mixed media collages would make nice cards too? I donno… feeling overwhelmed here…

What do you think? Do you have a favourite? I’d really appreciate your input.

with thanks from your humble artist friend,



6 Responses

  1. Hi, I’ve been lurking for a bit here, really enjoying seeing what you’re creating and reading your musings. I think that of the self portaits, adrift would make a great card. And yes, the watercolours like blossoming and wave would too. Those are my three favourites for a card.

  2. love love love the stained glass. . . love it, especially the gradation of the greens in it. also i love the special place too! i want to cozy up there and read a book! Jess’ epiphany is pretty amazing too! you rock!

  3. I think Adrift is amazing BTW in case you didn’t know already 😉

  4. your post reminds me of these lines from the Bhagavad Gita:

    “Set thy heart upon thy work, but never on its reward. Work not for reward; but never cease to do thy work. Do thy work in the peace of Yoga and, free from selfish desires, be not moved in success or in failure. Yoga is evenness of mind–a peace that is ever the same…Yoga is wisdom in work.”

    also, “without hands we can’t see,” “a bird flies,” “blossoming” and the stained glass are my picks. especially “a bird flies”–LOVE that and would definitely love it on a card!!

    yay you!

  5. I too lurk around here, keeping an eye on what my Becky is up to! You are making real progress. I especially like the journal sketches. Try picking one and redoing it over and over again, concentrating on a different aspect of the image each time. My art prof used to say “concentrate on the shapes, the thickness of the line, the darks and light areas”. The thickness of a line can really emphasize the shape and how it is lit.

    I especially like your “special place”. Try redoing it from memory, and from the first painting, simplifying shapes and areas of colour.

    Have fun!



  6. OK, so I’m kind of biased but I think many of your artworks would make great cards — perfect pair, pears, wave, orchid, blossoming, a special place, Jess’ epiphany, adrift, stained glass windows… If I had to choose, personal faves (from a potential cards point of view) would be wave, a special place and adrift…


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