A week in pictures

This is where I spent a big part of last week, cozied up at the farm, painting. It’s been such a blessing for our friends to share this rural oasis with us, to keep inviting us back out there. A helped me carry in a card table from the shed and i set up a little mini studio by this big bright window. How nice is it that painting is such a portable activity. Amazing how focused a girl can be when there is no internet to distract her.

practicing painting bees

frozen lake as seen from the train

On our return to the city we hit up Seedy Saturday (on a sunday) at the Whychwood Barns, and it was aweeeeeeeesome. Man, I love that place. Here are some nice pictures of the venue courtesy of Karyn’s make something blog, who not only remembered to bring a camera to the event, but who also wasn’t totally freaking out and manic and gushing about how wonderful everyone and everything there was, like someone else i know… (hee hee)

our garden journal and seeds for 2010

Seriously though, it was the most fun I’ve had all winter. All year? Maybe. I’d packaged up some of our saved seeds from last year’s garden – coriander, chard, mixed salad greens from our plot and turban squash seeds from M&A’s farm – and much to my surprise and glee, the swap people took all 14 of our packets and gave us vouchers to trade for seeds in return. So we ended up getting most everything on our list of desires for free! Super.  (Not that this stopped me from spending our seed budget at the fair anyway! ha.)

The seeds with children’s hand-drawn labels were clear winners, obviously. Mystery peppers! Who could resist. I’m not ashamed to admit that I am also one of those misguided people who selects bottles of wine by their labels. And I judge books by there covers all the time.

This one, for instance. Awesome cover! It was also an awesome novel. Coincidence? I think not!

Other nice things about this past week included receiving exciting things in the mail:

it's nice to get snail mail, especially when it's so pretty

Aren’t these super nice cards? I love the scalloped edges – so sweet. Is this some new trend that I am in the dark about? It seemed like some kind of beautiful coincidence that I would receive two scallopped edged cards in the same week. Since I’ve been working on my own stationery ideas I am really noticing this sort of detail. I see a lot more letter writing in my future.

purple sunset at the farm

Anyway… so there’s your random requisite update from me – out of sequence, but that’s alright, isn’t it. I have another finished painting to share with you, too, but since it was commissioned it only seems fair for my client to see if before you do!

best wishes until then,



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  1. thanks for the music! i haven’t listened to it yet but it contributed to my best snail mail day ever! thank you thank you for the little print too! yey such a wonderful treat to come home to!

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