Green musings

Good greenness, I’ve been away.

I’m back in the city now, swollen with all the green buds, moss, moisture, spring and sunbeams I gorged myself on while I was away. I’m glad to see that spring is finally catching up with us in Ontario, too, although all these pictures are from the verdant and lovely west coast and the woods around my parent’s home.

I’m still feeling a little between. Traveling is strange, sometimes.

Here is the first reflection to emerge:

Arbutus menziesii, or Madrona, is a gnarly and majestic tree that grows in the poor, rocky soil along the west coast. It can survive the harshest winter storms, withstanding high winds and pounding ocean waves. The tree never grows straight – it twists and contorts, reaching for the sunlight, and is often found leaning out from coastlines cliffs, clinging to fissures and crags, stretching over the Pacific Ocean.

Arbutus survive drought by storing water in burls on their trunks to be released when needed, like a camel. When in distress, the tree allows one branch at a time to die so the rest of the tree can survive.

The Arbutus is a deciduous tree but does not shed its leaves in the winter. New leaves grow and old ones die continually, the tree is never bare. The tree also sheds its russet coloured bark, which curls up in slivers and falls away while new green bark emerges beneath it.

I hope you all have been well.

Happy Vernal Equinox,



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