Spring begins

Like I said, I’ve been away. I took  a million pictures. Almost literally. I’ve never before this trip actually filled my memory card in one outing. I know that spring officially began yesterday, but when I left the city for the coast it was still pretty grey and dead here. It was so nice to cash in on the early and exuberant BC spring weather. (How many pictures of green things and blossoming beauty can I post before we reach saturation, do you think?)


You get the picture.

In other colourful news, some new paints came into my life recently, passed down to my from my grandmother. Very nice paints in a nice big palette, and a huge stack of paper, a handful of sable brushes, and several technique books, too. They are so lovely. Hmm, tools.

They’ve made me realize that many of the things I was blaming myself for were actually the fault of the poor student quality paints I was using. Look at those bright, saturated tones! I had such fun just testing them all out. So pretty.

Those paints came with me on my little vacation, and although I set up a nice quiet place to work over looking the ocean… I didn’t do any painting at all. Heh. Well that’s not exactly true, I did have one joyful day playing and experimenting with watercolour salt effects with one of my favourite women:

But the real reason for my visit was to help celebrate one of life’s major milestones with another of my favourites.

(no, i didn’t use a bokeh to make those twinkly heart lights, it is just a happy accident and a side effect of all the love in my heart I guess)

I couldn’t find any paper large enough to wrap the gift in, so I improvised a sort of furoshiki, using some of the spring abundance in lieu of a ribbon and bow – fuzzy budding magnolia, salal leaves, cedar, and a spray of wild huckleberry branch. Wish i had these things growing outside my door here in Toronto!

And there was more spring abundance inside the wrapping – I wanted my gift to remind them always of this happy season, the promise of spring, of new beginnings. I am so happy that I got the timing right! The forsithiya bushes were perfectly in bloom everywhere in town, bright yellow flags of happiness waving – they even used some in the centerpeices at the reception. It was perfect.


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  1. Big thumbs up! That painting for E&I was/is so pretty. You’ve done a lovely job!

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