A trip to the beach

Oh, look! More photos from my trip. This time from an excursion to Sombrio beach, where the surf was pounding, mist hanging in the air, a grey shroud and sense of timelessness embracing it all.

I love the sound the rocks make as the waves retreat, tumbling over each other, making a knocking, clattering, percussive decrescendo… I could listen to it forever.

That’s my childhood friend and road-tripping partner for the day, J, and you can’t really tell in this photo, but those waves are huge.

I wanted to stop and do some sketches but it was so cold! So I took photos instead.

Here are some sea-related sketches from another day though, drawings from a trip to the ROM getting some ideas for a commissioned painting.

And here is the finished painting that these sketches were in preparation for:

Drift, watercolour (sold)

A glimpse into the same world as Adrift, Drift is loosely based on the Anacapa reef off of Southern California (which happens to be where this painting now makes its home). I really wish I had had my lovely new, super saturated paints when I made this piece – it looks so grey to me now in comparison.

And this! This is the underside of an octopus, as seen at the neat new Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, in my hometown. Octopus attack!

If you have a chance to visit the Shaw Centre, I highly recommend it (although you might like to pick a day that isn’t in the middle of spring break, when the aquariums aren’t swarmed with hundreds of children screaming with enthusiasm! Although that was fun in its own way too.) Go, if only for the super cool jellyfish wall!




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  1. as much as i respect octopuses as cool smart carnivores, the only thing I can think of seeing this picture is…


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