The Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine

Yesterday by chance I heard of this series: how is it possible that I’ve never seen them before? I’m so in love, more than in love – enraptured.

Part illustrated novel, part Post Secret-esque  voyeurism, all gorgeousness and dark mystery… ah!

To say it’s a fabulously creative series doesn’t nearly go far enough to capture my enthusiasm – if you have read them, you can probably understand my speechlessness. If you haven’t read them, what are you waiting for?

Go! Be inspired!


One Response

  1. I just re-read that whole series while back home for a bit. The art is amazing and wonderful. I remember when I first read them back in Montreal (and I cannot imagine why I never lent them to you back then,) I loved the story too, but on this last read I found the writing absolutely terrible. I still loved the art of it, but the writing was so forced and non-sensical, especially as you push through to the third and fourth books.

    PS. I really miss you and Carla. We should catch up.

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