I planted this little sunflower sprout a few days ago, and today it shed it’s shell and perked up bright and green! It is such a sweet symbol of spring on my little windowsill ‘shrine’…  everything is waking up and coming to life. Tonight I’ll soak peas to plant tomorrow! I admit to being no less enthusiastic but much less organized about gardening this year.

Tomorrow we’ll dye eggs with pysanky again! and you know what that means — leftover dyes for other random experiments. (shibori, anyone? I think so.)

happy long weekend, everyone!


2 Responses

  1. i really love the little crochet doily underneath too.

  2. I love the eggshell seedling pot! We’ve also been growing some seedlings in the recent weeks/months and it’s so satisfying to see them sprout up and thrive. It’s like having a baby, right? A quiet, low-maintenance baby you wouldn’t be all that crushed if your cat ate.

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