April in pictures, more or less

Where’d April go, you figure? Here are some random photos in case you’ve been missing me. 🙂

A cute baby and his mother came over to pose for some photos – I made that little play quilt in the fall and only just got around to photographing it. Maybe one of these days I’ll list it in the shop, too. Wouldn’t that be grand.

And we planted our community garden with various greens and peas. We tried something a little different this year – planned planting and labeling. Ha, the first time it rained all the writing washed away. Oh well. Things are starting to come up now but I haven’t a picture of that. Haven’t started our tomato seedlings yet either… oops. I’m way behind.

silk, coins, and elastic bands

tied silk in the dye bath

I did in fact do some lovely tie dyeing with the leftover pysanky dyes, on a long scrap of cream coloured silk I had in my stash. It turned out beautifully and I was wearing it as a scarf when a friend commissioned a similar one for her mother. So I ran off to buy more silk and made 4 more!

Silk behaves so beautifully in the dye – it takes colour vividly and pleats very crisply, so the finished peice has much more texture and variation then the cottons I dyed last year. See?

spectacular colour nuances!

gorgeous crinkly patterns!

I still have more dye, and two scarves unclaimed. I’ll list them in the shop if anyone is interested. Would make a nice mother’s day present!

This piece of work is the pinata I made for C’s graduation party — she’s a Master now! A brain seemed like the obvious choice, no?

It was filled with suitably appropriate adult prizes. And toy animals. And mysteriously random ‘fortunes’. And candy!  It was awesome.

And here’s a little collage I did for fun yesterday. Grow!

Hope you’re all enjoying a fabulous spring.




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  1. Glad to see you back online! Miss you!

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