Making Apple Cider Vinegar

the ingredients:

1 large glass jar

1 jug of organic, unfiltered apple juice from a local farm

+ the dregs of one bottle of applecider vinegar (with mother), about 1/2 c. total

I combined the juice and vinegar dregs in the clean glass jar and covered it all with a clean piece of cheesecloth.

Then I put it in a warm, dark, dry place (cupboard above the fridge) for a couple months.


And I tried to forget about it. It was a pretty slow process. Set it and forget it, eh!

The cat was very curious about the yeasty smell emanating from the cupboard.


Around the two month mark I begin peeking into the mysterious dark cupboard in earnest and tasting it to see how acidic it was. (using a clean stainless steel spoon so as not to contaminate the vinegar, natch.)

When I deemed it is sour enough, I just filtered the vinegar through cheesecloth into a dark coloured bottle; that’s it, no further steps, I just made vinegar. Boo ya.

On the surface of the vinegar was a SCOBY (for “Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast”) similar to the mother that forms when fermenting Kombucha tea!

It looks pretty gnarly!

I tried to offer this to a friend so she could make her own vat of vinegar, but for some reason she wasn’t interested in my disgusting, alien-embryo look alike. Hmm… wonder why? 😛

I admit that the scoby was so thick and meaty in texture that I briefly (very briefly) considered breading and frying it.  Heh. Instead I gave it an honourable burial under a plant. We’ll see how my sunflowers like acetobacter!

Why on earth would I make my own vinegar? Uhm… well, it falls into the adventurous DIY category of hobbies that are fueled by my wannabe homesteader alter ego, filed alongside making-my-own-deodorant, making-my-own-clothes, learning to cut my own hair, etc.

Besides, it’s quite tasty!


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