Oooh, now on facebook

Hi friends,

for those of you who read me in rss feed and might not notice the new little button on the right side of my blog, you can now follow me on facebook by “liking” Anna Borstad, Artist. If facebook is one of the social networking sites that you use and you enjoy what I do, I’d super appreciate your help in spreading the word about my work and my blog. I intend to use the facebook page as a sort of mini-blog, post news on various projects on the go, etc. So if you just can’t get enough freeplaycraft-y goodness in your day, check me out on facebook for an extra fix!

Hopefully this will also help me to use the forces of facebook for good (networking and pr!) rather than evil (hours of procrastination looking at wedding photos of people I haven’t spoken to in a decade.)(I know i’m not the only one.)

Speaking of various projects on the go —  I’ve decided to begin building a new, nicer, more professional website and portfolio to highlight my visual art. I’m very excited! And a little nervous. I’ve got a lot of work to do. And I am telling you this to keep myself on track – see, now I’m accountable to you! Eep. Stay tuned!

And here, randomly, is a photo my good friend sent me last week that he found in our grade 6 year book:

Yup, i’m painting. Nice to see I’m still up to the same old tricks, eh? Thanks again, N. 🙂 (and man,  I loved that blouse. it was so righteous.)

See you on facebook!

Anna Borstad, Artist


One Response

  1. Wow I love that old picture of your Anna! That blouse IS righteous! haha

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